Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I lose my dog or cat?

Please contact the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403 320 4099. To help us find your pet we ask that you provide a detailed description, photo (if available), dog license number and any tattoo or microchip information. Additionally, you may want to contact the Lethbridge Humane Society at 403 320 8991 and local veterinary clinics.

I found a stray cat/dog within the City, what should I do?

Remember that the dog or cat may be scared and confused. For your safety you may not want to approach an unknown animal. Instead call the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403 320 4099 to request a pick-up or ask for advice on your next steps.

Why should I license my dog?

Having your dog licensed is the best way to help us return him/her to you. If a dog is not wearing a license it may make it more difficult to locate the owner.

I found a cat/dog that is injured, how can I help it?

Our Animal Control Officers are trained to be able to help an injured dog or cat. If the dog or cat is injured contact the Lethbridge Animal Shelter at 403 320 4099 to request a pick-up so we can access veterinary care.

What should I do if I see an animal is being abused, neglected or abandoned?

Lethbridge Animal Services does not have the authority to respond to cases of animal neglect, abuse or abandonment. Please call the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003 or visit for more information.

*If it is an urgent matter please call and report it to your local police*

I have a skunk/porcupine/raccoon living in my yard, can you help?

 Lethbridge Animals Services offers a humane wildlife trapping and relocation program. Wildlife is property of the crown and municipalities are not responsible for the control of wildlife, we offer this as a courtesy. A trap can be rented for a 7 day period for an initial fee of $50.00. The first call out to relocate is no charge, any additional relocation call outs are $20.00 each. Rental payments can be made in person by cash, debit or credit.

I have a complaint about a dog, how do I report it?

Dog complaints like feces, barking and off-leash, can be made by calling our front desk at 403-320-4099. We will need some information to help us investigate the complaint. We do not accept anonymous complaints. Your information will be protected under the FOIP Act and will not be disclosed to the accused. We also need the address of where the dog is located, that way, our Officers are able to look up previous history and ensure they are following up with the correct dog owner.

I have an animal I need to surrender, can I drop it off?

Lethbridge Animal Services does not accept cat surrenders so we recommend contacting some amazing local rescues that would be able to help. Check our referral page to find a rescue to help! For dog surrenders, our fee is $300.00 (this is depending on whether or not we have space). Our fee is to allow the Shelter to treat animals with recommended veterinary care and is dependent on each circumstance. Please call if you have more questions regarding our surrender option.

What would I do if I was involved in a dog attack?

Lethbridge Animal Services investigates dog attacks if you’ve been chased by a dog or injured. Please call 403-320-4099 immediately as  Bylaw Officers will be dispatched to help active attacks and if you are in need of medical attention call 9-1-1. If the attack has already occurred, call our front desk and report the details and a Bylaw Officer will follow up with a statement and pictures.

Dog bites should be checked over by medical professionals whether it's on yourself or your furry-friend. Call Healthlink at 8-1-1 or your local vet for medical advice and protocols. 

*Bylaw Officers cannot force the accused to pay for vet bills*

Why can't I run my dogs off-leash in a school yard?

Schoolyards are considered a restricted area in the Dog Control Bylaw #5235. Even if you're walking through while on a leash, it is still against the law. In the interest of the public health and safety dogs are not permitted on schoolyards and playgrounds at any time. Those found in care or control of a dog in a restricted area may be charged under the Bylaw. 

I have a neighborhood cat that is urinating on my property. What can I do?

Within the City of Lethbridge, unfortunately there is no Cat Bylaw. Therefore, we are unable to enforce the regulation of cats. We do suggest speaking with the owner to see if there is a way to avoid the nuisance. There is also the option of bringing the cat to the Shelter to be impounded. If you are unable to bring the cat, we also have a cat trapping program. This allows the cat to be humanely trapped and brought into the shelter. Traps can be rented in person at Lethbridge Animal Shelter for a deposit fee of $50.00. The cat MUST be brought to the Shelter and cared for in a human maner. Those found abusing or neglecting the contract may be investigated by the Alberts SPCA. 

*We do not accept cats in private traps*