Not sure if anyone remembers Daffodil. She adopted us in January of 2016. She has come a long way from being a stray but she still has some of those stray-like habits. She is such a sweet and gentle dog and makes us laugh every day.We still don't know really how old she is because she still seems like puppy!Thank you for doing what you do! 

Just giving an update on the cat I adopted. I adopted my best friend, Stevie (shelter name Woozy), on September 14, 2019. We’ve almost made the six month mark!  She is doing incredibly well. She had settled into her new home and then handled another move into our current home. She has a ton of energy and loves to play but is also very snuggly. Adopting Stevie is the best decision I have made. 


Thank you for everything you do for the community,


I adopted Hudson from the shelter just over a year ago. He was apart of the "potato puppies"! He loves to play with big dogs, he can run pretty fast and keep up with them at the dog park. Hudson loves to climb people's shoulders and either just sit there or have a nap! We call him a cat sometimes! His favourite thing to do is roll around in the snow with his toy ball; which is his favourite kind of toy, as well as sun bathe on a hot summer day. He's very energetic and loves playing with other dogs or with his people!


Some of our happy tails; hover to read!


My wife and I adopted Monkey. He’s the best addition to our furmily. We love and adore him and he’s doing very very well. He loves all his furry siblings too. Here he is with his pug brother a Moby. Thank you for saving him so he could become part of our family. PS he still LOVES going on your shoulders!

Since bringing Gordi home he has filled our house with many laughs and he just makes our hearts so happy. It didn’t take long for him to adjust to his new home. He has learned so many tricks. Gordi can shake a paw he can sit he can lay and he can twirl he also plays push the ball back and forth. He runs to the door when he wants out to do his business he is such a good dog and I’m so happy you chose us to be his new family. WE JUST LOVE HIM! Here are a few photos

I adopted Mochi (previously Tang) in October of last year. He, unfortunately, he had some previous issues with a chipped canine and deformed claw bed, but after a few trips to the vet (and a toe amputation), he’s doing so much better! He’s living his best life, loves to play and talk. He’s so cuddly, and loves to sleep right next to me. He’s the love of my life!!